[Musicvideo] I-Phone X
Freezy Josha
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[Musicvideo] Visuals
// Belanga
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[Commercial] Budget
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[WEB / LOGO / VISIT CARD] Goldgräber
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[Web / Video] Sam
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One Detail [Musicvideo] Wolf
x x x
To create this atmospheric music video we had to go the extra mile. The highlights were definitely when we managed to capture the sun’s light streaming through the branches of the forest and steam rising from the lake, which contributed to a dramatic swimming scene. Our actors’ raw talent and professionalism made it very easy and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. At midnight, as our grand finale, we burnt the wooden “X”, which shone some light on a cheeky couple getting it on in the woods – whoops – but totally worth it! (Sorry guys!) View Music Video
In the Woods - blessed from the Sun Burning X'es. In the Middle of the Night
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Two Detail [Music Video] Mir gö
witr & witr
Belanga is a Swiss-Congolese rapper. We are both part of the label Beekwest and regularly collaborate with each other on our artistic projects in various capacities. I love Belanga’s energy and his passionate and ambitious personality is a joy to be around.

I’ve realized two of Belanga’s projects so far. The first one is a music video for a song called Heimat. The second project is a one-shot music video and a cover for his single Unerwartet.
Heimat Music Video Unerwartet Music Video
I wanted to create the Detroit 00's kinda look. Originally, we didn’t plan to shoot at this location, but the sun set the perfect scene and we didn’t want to waste the opportunity; strike while the iron is hot!
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Three Detail [Commercial] Hi, this
is Lars
This year a uniquely innovative community office space in Zurich has opened its doors. I had the privilege of shooting a commercial and creating the website to promote it. The business owner gave me free reign and allowed me to shape this project all the way from our brainstorming sessions through to the final realization.
We had a blast creating the main character Lars and produced a short, slightly satirical commercial film about his burdened life in his home office, with him eventually finding salvation in the Budget Desk. I always challenge myself to create my best with the resources at my disposal. I am happy and proud with the outcome of this entire project.
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Budget Desk - hier geht's besser! Cosy and stylish - Lars in his alternative home office
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Four Detail [WEB / LOGO / VISIT CARD] GoldRush I am a fan of coaching and counselling. I like to attend counselling sessions from time to time myself. Probably because my father has been a life coach for many years and I’ve been strongly influenced by his work.

When my father asked me to set up his first website for his counselling service, I was very motivated and decided to come up with something original that represents his philosophy and approach. The concept was to find the GOLD in people and help them activate their strengths and use their resources to overcome life’s challenges. With that in mind, I created a couple of ‘gold-nuggets’ and we shot a series of photos. We implemented the theme of searching for gold throughout the website.
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We went to the forest and found us some gold-nuggets SUN - STONE - GOLD
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Five Detail [WEB / VIDEO] Asthetic
Sam is a passionate and highly professional athletic coach. I visited him at his hockey summer program, which he offers to players who want to bridge the hockey season’s summer break. I filmed a short video promo of the program and we also worked on his first website.

I love to work with athletes. It’s a dynamic and physical environment, which is very stimulating, especially when you have the camera in hand and you are able to catch that spirit in action.
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Sam is in training with the Swiss national hockey team. Go Sam! Recap Hokey Summer
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[ABOUT / CONTACT] HOW ART YOU? Hi, my name is Stephan and i would love to support your Project with my raw talent & creative Spirit.

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FILM (Musicvideo / Image / DOK)
GRAPHICS (Poster - Flyer, Corporate)
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